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Welcome to AWHPI
African Women Health Project International

We are a community that creates opportunities for others who are less fortunate than we.

The AWHPI community represents more than a group of individuals who happen to live in the same place. We work together to make good things happen and to improve the quality of life for all the lives we touch. AWHPI is dedicated to improving the health care of women and children in Africa by providing medical equipment and supplies to assist with their basic medical care needs.

As you browse through the pages of this site. Please consider the many ways you can support and make a difference.

AWHPI’s Global Health Network is essentially a community development project responding to a community problem - the need for free health care in a continent with over 5 billion uninsured families. As such, the AWHPI Charity Medical Mission in Africa could not exist without the ongoing support of concerned individuals, businesses, foundations and other partners in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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• Facts, Analysis, & Explanations
• Collect Equip via Donations
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